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Im Backkk! =D Empty Im Backkk! =D

Post  Tiffany13 on Sat Jan 23, 2010 10:40 pm

Hey guys! You guys probebly didnt miss me..or didnt even notice i was gone..or even know who i am! lol
But anyways I didnt have internet for FOREVER long and i've been DYING because i've havent been able to get on this site at all!! WOW! I feel like i dont even know who Gloriana is!! Crying or Very sad But the good news is i have the internet back..and i can get up to date on everything Gloriana and not miss one thing because of this AMAZING site called!!
I LOVE YOU! Very Happy
haha. Anyways, ya'll probebly are thinking right now..'why the heck do i care that you didnt, but now have the internet back!! i dont even know who you are!' or somthing like 'why the heck is she/this person telling us this!! we dont care!!' Rolling Eyes
somthing along those lines... the answer to all those unresolved questions in your heads right now so excited to have the internet back that im not completly thinking straight. I mean i went to the internet for everything!! everything including Gloriana and when i didnt have it anymore I never got to know what was going on in the crazy, amazing Gloriana world.
So to sum all this nonsince excited. affraid And very happy to be back.
The Day Has Come
The Day Has Come

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