Gloriana- means nothing but harmony

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Gloriana- means nothing but harmony

Post  Tiffany13 on Mon Oct 05, 2009 5:10 pm

It's basically a review from sombody who came across Gloriana. Although i dont really agree that their a "Country pop band" But idk, anyways here it is Smile

About a week ago I came across a country pop band, Gloriana. The band is made up of brothers Tom & Mike Gossin, Rachel Reinert & Cheyenne Kimball (who was the winner of America’s Most Talented Kid at age 12 and had a brief MTV reality show).

I had been hearing some buzz about them online and decided to give them a try. I am ordinarily not a country fan at all, but Gloriana has a very appealing and welcoming look/vibe that helps them get noticed right away.

At first, I must admit, I thought their music was a little, in my unsophisticated word “cheeseball,” but something about them made me want to keep listening. What really helped was listening and watching their live performances. They are one of the rare bands that sound even better live. Plus, their dynamic is very interesting on stage and they all look like they enjoy playing and singing with each other.

Watching the members of Gloriana interact, one can immediately tell how close all four are. They are completely in sync and can tell the story of how their group came to be over and over again, each time with the same passion and enthusiasm as if it was the first time.

Long story short- Tom & Mike Gossin (who also had a brief reality show stint which chronicled their original band, Madison Rose) moved to Nashville and decided to go in search of a female singer. They found Rachel Reinert through her music myspace and after checking out if they were legit, she joined them and they started out as a trio. One night after seeing them play, Cheyenne Kimball asked to join the band.

Tom & Rachel provide most of the lead vocals; Tom & Mike both play the guitar and Cheyenne plays the mandolin. However, all of their songs include some sort of harmonization by all four of their vocals and they mesh together wonderfully.

Soon after the foursome became a group, they were signed to Emblem Records. Their album was released this past August 4th.

Although their success happened in less than a 2 year span of time, you could tell it did not come easy. Almost as soon as I discovered them I realized how smart and hardworking this band is.

I found tons and tons of youtube videos fans have put up of all their performances across the country in the past two years, since the band was formed. In their past interviews, they have often said they are willing to play wherever people will have them to get their music out. And they’ve certainly done that- they’ve played at radio stations, country festivals, high schools and even restaurants on their road to success.

Whoever is managing them (or if it’s due to the band members themselves) has been extremely smart in getting their music out and gaining fans that spread the word about them all across the net.

Of course now that their album is out (debuting at #3 on the Billboard Charts & #1 on iTunes) they probably won’t be playing just everywhere for free anymore.

Gloriana has been taking advantage of the power of the Internet and its fans by being active on a myspace, a facebook group and a twitter. They also post blogs and webisodes on their official site that keep fans up to date on what the band is doing- whether it be preparing to perform at the CMT Awards or just showing us the shenanigans they get into on tour. This has made the band even more personable and accessible to fans. Also, while out on tour, they always hold autograph sessions after, spending lots of one on one time with fans.

They are currently the opening band on Taylor Swift’s Fearless Tour, which is apparently already sold out everywhere. It’s definitely sold out in NYC as I tried to get tickets to the upcoming show at MSG and was very sad to see no more were available.

Make sure you check out Gloriana’s self-titled album. But beware- the band becomes highly addicting. Fast.

My recommended tracks: Wild At Heart, The Way It Goes, Lead Me On, Come And Save Me & Time To Let Me Go.

Listen to them all at rhapsody.
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Re: Gloriana- means nothing but harmony

Post  Ania on Wed Dec 16, 2009 8:48 pm

That was a cool review! Smile Thanks for posting!!
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