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FAQ - frequently asked questions

Post  Lauren on Sun Feb 01, 2009 9:41 am

Below are some frequently asked questions that you also may be wondering about. If your question is now answered below, please feel free to ask!

  1. Do any of the members of Gloriana visit the main site/message boards?
    Yes, when the site first opened in October 2008, Rachel commented saying how much this meant to her. No idea if she continues to check it out now. The boards? To my knowledge, no. If they did, I'm sure they wouldn't exactly make themselves stand out. For now, they are only updating their MySpace and official website.

  2. Does anyone here know the band's contact information (ie: facebook, myspace, email address, aim)?
    No, and even if they did, posting private information is FORBIDDEN on this board. You will be banned if you are seen posting any of the above information. If you need to contact them, comment their MySpace. An address for fan mail will be put here when that information becomes available. For the official band member MySpace's, check below:

  • Can I add my own signature and avatar?
    Yes, please check out this forum for rules on sizing and placement.

  • How do I center my signature?
    [center]text here[/center]
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